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Summer Tips - Overheating
Cooling system do-it-yourself maintenance - it's the time of year when your engine cooling system works overtime. So give it a break with the following easy tips.

Clean your radiator core free of bugs, insects and grass etc by blowing out with compressed air or a soft brush.
Check you fan belts for cracks and correct tension.
Check radiator and cooling system hoses for condition and leaks.
For the vehicles with viscous fans, check and clean around the hub to ensure they cut in and out at the correct temperatures.
And on hot days, turn the air conditioner off when parked or at traffic lights for long periods of time.

Summer Tips - Tyres
As we all know hot weather causes a whole new lot of tyre problems. Tyre pressures alter. Road safety and tyre surfaces all increase in temperature causing premature problems, such as accelerated wear and tyre failure.

So now is the time to have those tyres checked for condition and pressure.

Incorrect tyre pressure is the most common cause of premature tyre wear and is the easiest to maintain and rectify.

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